How We WorkHuman connection is at the heart of dating.

Our approach to your application is personal and intuitive, not algorithmic. We organise an interview to deep dive into your personal journey, core value system, what drives you and your preferences in a partner.

Our quality-driven approach focuses on finding the right match for you – wherever you are. We don't exchange surnames or photographs – and set up unbiased dates in person. If you're being introduced to someone in a different city and can't meet just yet, we'll set up a virtual date to get the ball rolling.

From Los Angeles to London to Bangalore to Sydney (you get the drift) – wherever you are, Sirf Coffee will help you find love. We're agnostic to location and have set up couples in over 27 international cities, and have seen more diverse love stories than Bollywood!

Sirf Coffee

The Process



Fill out a 10-minute application form to help us understand the basics – who you are, academic and professional achievements and partner preferences. You will be asked to confirm a membership plan of your choice and pre-authorise your card (this is not an actual charge) and validates intent for us.



Our relationship expert will want to know everything about you over a personal meeting or video call. To make it a journey worth your while, it's important for us to assess your desires, deal-breakers and even future decisions before we make any introductions. Your eligibility, criteria and plausibility of great dates will help us determine membership.



We take care of what's important to you, before setting up your first date for a coffee or drink. You'll know enough about your match to make great conversation – and get to know each other better. Count on us to set up the right venue, seamlessly coordinate logistics and have a well curated match sitting across the table.


You Decide

How you'd like to move forward is up to you – if you want to exchange numbers, meet again, or look for another match. No one likes to be left on read, and Sirf Coffee provides clear closure on how much someone is interested – or not.

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