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It’s super simple – all you have to do is hit the Apply button. Once you complete your application online, our team will get in touch for an interview in person, or via VC (depending where in the world you are based) to understand you and your expectations.

At this stage, it’s simply an authorization, rather than an actual charge. Following your application, interview, eligibility and search criteria, we can either offer membership (only then is the amount actually debited) or not (only non-refundable application fee of US $10 is charged).

Here’s the good news: There’s no limit on the number of people you can meet, but it is heavily dependant on your eligibility, criteria and the feedback we receive about you. Since we are discerning in our approach, we’d rather have you meet 5 great matches, rather than 15 unsuitable ones.

You don’t need one. Any international credit card will do. We charge in USD, as it is an easy, universal currency for all our applicants.

You should consider getting one. In the interim, get in touch with us on to figure out an alternative form of payment.

The short answer is no. We’re not in the business of convincing people to use us. For us, inclination is everything. If you deeply care about someone close to you, drop us an email with your referral’s contact details and we’ll assist him / her at the earliest.

We don’t share the last names, photographs or specific institutions (academic; employment). Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our service. Instead, you will receive their first name, age, location, and a brief background and why he / she is a good match for you.

We only suggest an international match when we because we feel there’s a strong chance of success. We don’t expect you to fly across the world for someone you’ve never met, and in exceptional cases, will make an e-introduction. A few Skype chats should tell you whether you connect with your match or not.

Sure, we don’t discriminate. So long as you are ready to settle down, we will try our best. In fact, we will be forthcoming about your past with your potential date, so it in fact becomes a non-topic.

Your satisfaction as a client is our primary goal, but given the nature of our business and our service offering, we have a firm "no guarantees, no refunds " policy.

Drop in a line to with your name, number, email address and a screenshot of the error so we can assist you as soon as possible.