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You’ve been on a couple of dates with this girl, and really like her. It’s one thing to go out to nice places and grab dinner or drinks a few times a week, but it’s another to spend 24 hours with someone you’re getting to know. (‘God, she snores loud’, you think to yourself one night – and it’s not cute!)

Long story short, it’s no rocket science that couples that travel together, grow together. Not only does it strengthen your relationship, but is also a great learning curve to experience what works (or doesn’t) for your partner, hidden talents, annoying habits and what really gets them going. There’s nowhere to hide, my friend.

So, we decided to take you around the world with the #passionpassport series on our blog. There are honest stories, travel tips and expert advice – dished out by global nomads. So get out there, book your tickets this summer and create some epic memories with your special someone. We promise you’ll see your bond soar to a whole new level (or not!).


                          If we were meant to be in one place, we would have roots instead of feet.
                                                                                                                                                    – Rachel Wolchin
Former TV anchor Kamiya Jani has been to 34 countries and 103 cities, knocking each place off her bucket list as frequently as you hit the gym. The much-followed blogger creates fun, interesting minute-long videos, offering viewers a first-hand glimpse of her adventures.



Where should you take your special someone for your first getaway together?

For me, it would have to be a beach. The Maldives features on top of the list.
I haven’t been to Seychelles yet, so maybe there?


Three things you should never forget to pack:

Apart from the obvious (chic clothes, comfortable shoes, passport, etc.)
Sunglasses – for a rosy, tinted view and better photographs
Face wash – most hotels don’t give you one.
A sling bag – easy to carry around your essentials while exploring new places.

One thing you learnt about your partner while travelling with him?

The most important thing I learnt about my husband, Samar, on our trips, is: Never wake him up for breakfast. We are very different, when it comes to the kind of travellers we are. Whilst he likes to relax and sit back,I am the enthusiastic one, who wants to make the most out of every place. After all these years, we manage to balance it out with each other.


Any funny stories from holidays with your partner?

On our first trip together to Goa, an insect bit me in the middle of the night and I was instantly left
with a swollen finger. In complete panic mode, we rushed to a hospital at that late hour.
Welcomed by a sleepy doctor who insisted on a thorough investigation, we were told to do a blood test.
Amused, we ran out of there, and couldn’t stop laughing at our stupidity.
Of course, my finger was fine in a couple of hours.

For all those first-timers planning a trip with their partner, any expert tips?

Always nice to choose a destination you both are keen on. Different interests in activities and
preferences will ensure that your holiday is a good mix of everything, so try something new.
Also, planning is good, but be prepared to compromise, if needed.  You may end up missing the spectacular sunset that you wanted to see together. So don’t lose your cool, there is always a next time.

Your all-time favourite destination is:
              This is the toughest question to answer. I will always have a soft spot for Goa.

Where are you taking off to next?

Eastern Europe: Prague, Budapest, Vienna have been long overdue on the list.

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Compiled by Noopur Pal

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