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“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other,
but in looking together in the same direction.”

                                                                                                            – Antoine Desaint-Exupery

In the third (and last) segment of #passionpassport, we spoke to Rishabh & Nirali Shah – better known as Gypsycouple. Misplaced passports, (almost) missed flights, injuries, and the worst of them all – no camera batteries – these two have seen it all. While they’ve struck the right balance in their marriage, how easy is it really to travel with someone who shares contradictory interests? Read on.


Where would you take your special someone for your first getaway together?

We suggest you pick a place where both, or neither of you is comfortable.
We went to Mauritius and South Africa for our first getaway. It was the perfect mix of pristine beaches, mountains, wildlife, adventure, and of course, culture. One of the best memories of our maiden trip was bungee jumping.

Three things you should never forget to pack:

1. A camera – If it’s not on Facebook (or Instagram), it never happened!
2. Munchies – As vegetarians, we never know if there’s going to be suitable options or
time for us where we’re headed.
3. A positive attitude – The most underrated of them all. Relax, and smile a little,
it goes a long way in making or breaking a trip.

One thing you learnt about your partner while travelling with him / her?

Our motto is discovering life through travel. Practically everything we know about each other has
been absorbed through our trips. For Nirali, nothing comes between her and her sleep.
Rishabh, on the other hand, is restless if restricted – he needs something to do all the time.

Any funny stories from holidays with your partner?

Plenty. Right from being chased by a goat to one of us falling into a lake right after trying to set up the
phone for a selfie. The list could go on.

For all those planning a first trip with their partner, any expert tips?

First trips can have somewhat tricky, delicate moments, so don’t stress over it.
And it’s those little awkward exchanges that you reminiscence (and laugh) over, many years later. So:
1. Plan, but don’t over-plan. Also, don’t over-pack.
2. Familiar locations that both of you have been to before are great safe bets and
you can always try new experiences instead, which are great for bonding.
3. Communicate with each other, and be open about your interests and preferences.
There’s no point of sulking on vacation, indulging in an activity that you would rather avoid.

Your all-time favourite destination is:

Knysna, South Africa. A small quaint town surrounded by hills and opens to the sea,
it came really close to our perfect destination.

Where are you taking off to next?

We’re always ready to leave at a moment’s notice so we never know when or where we’re headed next.
Perhaps a new spot in India to welcome the monsoon.

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Compiled by Noopur Pal

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