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The Book Of Love

People find love in places they’ve never been to. In people they’ve never met.

And then there are some that find love in their oldest friends.

Because it’s Valentines’ Day, we got four photographers to tell us a little about their all-time favourite picture, and give us a little glimpse of their romantic side.

After all, they are the ones capturing every beautiful moment, behind-the-scenes.


Natasha Samant

She easily documents emotions, making her wedding photography even more evocative. The Storyteller promises to capture your journey in the most poignant way possible – tight hugs, happy tears, discreet grins and the magic during the madness.
Instagram: @thestorytellerofficial

The purest form of love – one of a doting grandma.





Niklesh Malkani

Say Cheeze creates compelling images that will just make you want to take the plunge yourself. Niklesh’s
soft-spoken nature creates a sense of ease and trust in his craft, allowing his subjects to let him in on the
intimate moments.
Instagram: @saycheeze_photography


A love that is liberating, carefree and full of vigour.



Neha Jiwarajka

Neha has been a wedding photographer with a unique, cinematic eye for six years. After photographing many beautiful weddings in her signature style, she found the love of her life and is getting married this February.
Instagram: @nehabrackstone

Love: A strong foundation; a shelter; a feeling of calmness.


Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta

The Cheesecake Project began with the intention of making photographs feel like love. Over the past five years, our endeavour has been just that – to make people happy, to show them how loved they are, by their loved ones, by their families.
Instagram: @thecheesecakeproject

Comforting. Confident. Caring. A love that speaks volumes through its happy smiles.

Your First Crush

Natasha:  Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge
Niklesh: At school. I was 13.
Neha: Jason Priestley
Stuti: A burly actor who played a cop in a TV show I chanced upon. Can’t remember his name.

Three ingredients for the perfect first date 

Natasha: Someone who can make you feel comfortable enough to be yourself.
Niklesh: A bright smile. Sharp sense of dressing. A good listener.
Neha: Comfort. Good conversation. Laughter.
Stuti: Ambience. A good menu. Someone who smells good.

A thing your partner did for you that tugged at your heartstrings

Natasha: Made me a surprise breakfast in bed.
Niklesh: Her faith in me, every day.
Neha: While I was travelling in Antarctica for a month without any contact, he wrote me beautiful letters in a book every single day that I was away.
Stuti: He surprised me with a lens I wanted, just like that. I knew I’d married right 🙂

A song / book / movie that turns you into mush:

Natasha: ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur.
Niklesh: The Notebook
Neha: ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed
Stuti: ‘Hey There Delilah’ by Plain White T’s

Describe love in a word

Natasha: Caring
Niklesh: Forever
Neha: Companionship
Stuti: Him

Compiled by Noopur Pal

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