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TAKING THE PLUNGE (and life after…)

It has been 29 months (2 years and 6 months) since I got married. Some might think it’s been forever and some might say I’m a newbie, and I am happy to wear both caps. Because there isn’t a single day when I feel like I’m learning something new or mastering yet another trick! There’s good days, not so good days, and a good share of learning as well.

Here’s the TOP FIVE things that I’ve learnt in my happy, fulfilling and eventful journey so far.

#1 The truth about the first year of marriage
We all know someone who looks at a baby and croons, ‘awww, he is so cute!’ (your partner may very well be one of them; so no judging!) That’s how my single friends and those married (for significantly longer than me) look at me and my husband – the newly weds. Except everyone who has a toddler knows that the baby is a bundle of joy in spurts.  And that is exactly how the first year of marriage is. It is amazing at irregular intervals, not all the time. And that’s normal! Our wedding was an event to remember and the photos look fabulous. But, when you wake up, you have to take care of ‘IT’.
And by ‘it’, I didn’t mean the husband! *wink*


#2 Marriage or Mirage?

“It’s an optical illusion, love!” said a darling friend of mine, followed by, “Don’t do it!” And then came a monologue on how being single rocks and how amazing he thought my life was. Which one was the optical illusion, I wondered. Let me assure you, there’s no optics here. It is real and it is every bit amazing as an oasis in the desert. Cheesy, I know. But picture this: The palm trees, the pool, someone getting you your favourite cocktail, you wanted without you having to explain it three times over. Asking if there is anything else you need. Yes, that’s exactly how it is. No mirage, just marriage, folks!



#3 Every day is a Bollywood movie

All you closet Bollywood fans, come out and rejoice ­– you’re in for a treat. I kid you not. Not only is there an ambitious start, a prolonged middle and a euphoric end, it also includes the occasional song and dance of countless fights over inconsequential matters and the awesome make-ups. Do the math.


#4 Divided, You Crumble

Not fall. You crumble. As they say, never let your enemy see your weakness. The moment they sense you are divided – that’s the end of your personal time. By ‘they’, I’m referring to the parents, the in-laws, his/ her friends, that distant relative. In comes the ‘self-doubt’ and ‘out’ goes whatever you were trying to create, laying one brick at a time.


#5 It’s Bigger Than Us

After all the fun and puns, a little something serious.  It is a powerful beast, this occurrence called ‘marriage.’ It is like two power houses uniting to make an even bigger power house. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you start functioning as one. You will learn a little something every single day, gain a little wisdom every minute of the day and unlearn what you need to as well. That’s just the way this works.


Words by: One of our dearest clients from London, who found the love of her life in Mumbai on Sirf Coffee. As she says, he was worth the wait.

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