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I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.
– Mary Anne Radmacher

In our second installment of #PassionPassport, we caught up with Kaushal Karkhanis, an avid traveller who started exploring the world a decade ago (and has never looked back since). His first sojourn was to the all-time favourite, Goa, shortly followed by a 6-month long sabbatical across South America. He calls himself a responsible digital nomad with a slow, immersive travel style. He says travelling has changed every tiny pore of his personality.


Where would you take your special someone for your first getaway together?

The first choice would be the lady’s. If it were up to me, I’d whisk her away to one of
Thailand’s quaint beaches, Sri Lanka or the Maldives.
Or Bhutan – that’s another special place!

Three things you should never forget to pack:

I travel (super) light and advocate the same.
However, don’t forget your chargers (with an universal adapter) and a good camera!
Everything else is optional or can be purchased.


One thing you learnt about your partner while travelling with her?

Even whilst travelling together, personal space is essential.
Knowing when your partner needs their alone time is important, and it is okay to give them that.
Also, communication is key – that was my biggest learning.

Any funny stories from holidays with your partner?

I had just started dating this girl, and we had made travel plans together.
Just before the trip, I got stood up – because her ex proposed!
Hilarious story for others, sad for me (ok, funny in hindsight)

For all those first-timers planning a trip with their partner, any expert tips?

I believe you are their truest self when you travel. Your first trip (with hopefully many more to follow!)
will teach you a lot about your partner and yourself. If both of you enjoy planning together, go for it.
One of you may be a planner and the other spontaneous. Strike the right balance and make it happen.
You are building memories that will last you a lifetime.

Your all-time favourite destination is:

Goa wins because one can just land up there any time, on cue.
But Thailand is climbing the charts real fast.

Where are you taking off to next?

Italy, but not before paying a visit to my favourite destination!

Follow Kaushal’s fascinating journeys on and @exoticgringo (Instagram)


Compiled by Noopur Pal

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