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LUCK BY CHANCE: From San Diego to Washington DC

Matchmakers are not Gods. We can only orchestrate. And when two people are in sync and ‘in tune’, we can celebrate – not ourselves – but the opportunity to change their lives in a happier way.

We started 2019 on a high note. While we’ll keep sharing the special announcements – one of our recent favourites is the story of Shamita* and Aakash.

PS: Here’s another unbelievable, crazy fun fact that Shamita can’t believe herself sometimes – Aakash was the first (and last) guy she met on Sirf Coffee.

Your first thoughts about each other.
Aakash: Our first phone conversation lasted 90 minutes (!). We had never met, but Shamita is that one person who you can chat with, for hours. I couldn’t wait for our next conversation.
Shamita: He came across as balanced, calm, and confident guy. It was nice.

Who do you think set the ball rolling?
I’d like to take the credit here (laughs). I planned a trip to DC within couple of weeks of our first interaction.
Shamita: It was definitely Aakash. He was proactive, determined eager to get things going. And I’m glad he did.

When you’re in two different cities, a relationship moves at a very different pace. How did you keep it going?
We spoke to each other regularly and yet our conversation never started with, “How was your day?” There was always something new to talk about – it was effortless. We ensured that we met at least once a month.
Shamita: I think the distance helps, at least in the initial stages – when two people have their own space and yet look forward to the other’s visit. Aakash and I have managed to meet at least once a month, sometimes twice, despite the travel across coasts.

At what point did you know that you’ve met ‘the one’?
Shamita: It was a series of small things – thoughtful gifts, great conversations, low pretence and direct conversation, without gender stereotypical expectations. He once did the dishes in my apartment without me asking him to – he could see it was a busy day and I was hassled. We often cook together and have discovered more sides to each other on a couple of short trips. His patience and open mindedness are truly assets that have been hard to find, for me at least.

Aakash: When I heard her cry over the phone for the first time, because of something I’d done. The emotions were so pure. In that moment, I felt a connection which I don’t think I can accurately express in words.

How have you evolved as a person in the course of your relationship?
How have you evolved together?

Our professional lives and our social circles are very different in nature.  I think both of us have grown by virtue of being exposed to this multitude of personalities and experiences.
Shamita: I think this is an on-going process. So far it’s showing on our waistlines with all the eating out and drinking. (laughs) On a more serious note, it has not only made us both self-aware and tolerant of each other’s differences – but also taught us to appreciate where we come from.



Interviewed by Noopur Pal

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.  

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