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Coulda Woulda Shoulda

By Noopur Pal

The other day, I was at a friend’s housewarming party. Amongst the regular faces, I saw a couple of new ones. And there I was, thanks to my exciting, new job at Sirf Coffee, trying to already ascertain who was single amongst the lot. Now, of course, there is no way to tell, but there are signs. Sometimes.

Yes, that is me. I am an ordinary 29-year old with an extraordinary work profile. You’ve chanced upon this blog, so the odds are that you know, if not everything, a little bit about us and what we do. With my background in client services and relationship management, I’ve fitted into my new role with ease and comfort. But I kid you not; playing matchmaker for the Global Indian Professional of today is not an easy task. Diverse personalities, multi-cultural upbringings and jet-setting careers (with jet-setting expectations) are often the mix that we deal with.

How does a globetrotting, Ivy League graduate running his bootstrapped startup make time to look for his life partner? On the other hand, how do we let a banker (just getting over her last heartache) know that maybe this time will be different?

Ever changing trends and preferences, and fast-paced lifestyles often leave you with no time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. How often does this happen: You’re sitting back and thinking about that golf trip you’ve wanted to take but haven’t planned yet, that cute guy you met at your best friend’s wedding, but didn’t keep in touch with. It’s that one nagging feeling that haunts you – the “what if?”

Everything Starts with Trying

Sometimes, we are so lost in our thoughts and beliefs, we forget to stop trying. You could blame the lack of time, busy work schedules, a difficult break up, or just a sheer laidback attitude for not giving yourself the opportunity to be in a relationship. But if you never try, you will never know that sometimes things can work out perfectly, against all odds. Taking the leap of faith, a risk, a chance, is such an essential part of love and life. You could spend your life wondering ‘what if?’ – or you could be basking in the happiness and sunshine of having made it. Take the effort of getting to know him / her, it could be the start of something special.

Have Faith in Fate

My best friend met her life partner halfway across the globe from home. One day, she woke up and decided to take a sabbatical from work and travel the world. With a suitcase full of basic essentials and passport in hand, she took off on a solo trip. A couple of weeks into her travels, she bumped into a colleague at a flea market in Bali. They knew of each other, but had never really interacted. He was there on a boys’ trip and was leaving in a couple of days. That night, the two decided to meet at a local pub. An entire night of conversation, and two days of sightseeing in Bali later, my friend cut short her sabbatical. She returned to Mumbai to pursue this relationship. Fourteen months later, they were married. I have yet to meet a happier couple than them.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to belief. Believe that your paths cross for a reason. Know that every person you meet in life has been specially chosen to make a difference in your journey. Some will bring you lessons, some will bring you tears, and some will bring you happiness. But know and believe that you will have to follow your heart and make things happen.

Stop Waiting. Start Arriving.

Don’t wait around for that feeling inside you that says, “this is it!” Sometimes, it takes too long to surface. Instead, let go of all your apprehensions. If you like someone, make the first move, send the first text, or make a plan. Life is too short to live with regrets. You will sleep happier knowing you tried, risked, believed and arrived – just in time to take what was meant to be yours – your own happily ever after.


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