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(Long) Distance Makes The Heart Fonder

If you’ve had a chance to catch our blog from last month, then you’ve probably been waiting for part deux of our “Tell-It-As-It-Is” series by the team. Remember Phoebe Buffay and her scientist boyfriend, David, from Minsk? This month, we’re

New phone, hu dis?

As if dating IRL was not challenging enough, we are now living in the times of a new relationship syntax. Some dating experiences can leave you baffled – not sure whether you’d want to have dealt with a good old break-up, or be ghosted – without


Chin up. There’s no need for 14th February to feel like an annual kick in the groin. Words The Team Despite your best efforts, you’re not crazy about anyone that you’ve met recently. Maybe your dating pool is limited (it's hard to meet someone