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Spending time with your date while hitting up your favourite bar or restaurant seems like a fun night out, but if it’s been a couple of weeks and you’re looking to mix things up – sometimes you need to go in a level deeper. It’s time to try new activities or engage in fun challenges that will help you see different sides to the same person, break standard routine and – hopefully – give you a chance to fall for them all over again.

Here are some easy-to-try, cool ideas from our matchmaking team:

Couples who sweat together, stay together

Hiking, a fitness class, long walks or a new workout form (yoga, anyone?) should be something you both try together at least once. If it’s an arduous 5-day adventure trip with a trek involved, you’ll have the chance to see their planning and motivational skills at play. It’s all about teamwork. *gives hi-five*

Cooking and relationships go hand in hand

This seems like an unlikely combination, but cooking together is HOT. Keep it simple (try dishes like grilled chicken or even create an easy peasy baked dessert), try a themed cookout at home, or sign up as a couple for a class that explores a new cuisine altogether.

Can I have your credit card?

We can visualize men cringing to this one, but shopping isn’t about two people’s love for clothes. It’s actually about spending time together, supporting each other’s tastes (or being the fashion police sometimes) and most important of all – being patient.

Turn the volume up

Here’s how to do it: You each buy tickets to a show you want to see (just make sure it’s for different nights), and accompany each other to a live performance, outdoor concert, or chill rooftop scene. Making memories over music is one of the easiest ways to bond, and a natural stress-buster for a couple. Major plus: You’ll get insights to what your partner likes (and doesn’t!)

Bring it on

Every once in a while, a gaming arcade seems like just what you both need at the end of a long week. It can bring out your competitive sides (which is fun to watch!), and give you a glimpse into his/her inner child. Strategy activities like room escapes (live), board game evenings or even a round of bowling means you’re both having a great time, and will probably want to keep that momentum going.

Go trippin’

Driving through the crazy city traffic may not really be your jam, and that’s why you need to get behind the wheels and go on a road trip with your significant other. Navigate your route the old-fashioned paper map way, or trust your partner’s GPS skills (good luck!), as exploring a new path, destination and time-zone, will allow you to see every side of your partner.


Words by Team Sirf Coffee

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