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Let me just start by saying that we’re in a (not even) once-in-a-lifetime kind of situation at the moment. Who’d have thought, right?

Whilst we are all striving to do our best to strike a balance between various pressures – there’s professional expectations, social commitments, mental health – I felt it would only be fair to add to this list, an element that most of us need to bump up in terms of priorities – romance. So why should dating take a backseat? On the contrary, I believe one should use this newly awarded block of time to place a razor sharp focus in the search of their soulmate. 

At Sirf Coffee, we have prided ourselves in establishing a personal connection early on. Having set up over 300 virtual dates in the last 10 weeks for global Indians, I wanted to share our top tips for ‘iso-dating’ to ensure you always put your best phone angle forward.

#1 You had me on our first Zoom call!

Life is a little slower than usual these days, so take this time to actually figure out your kind and look for a mental and emotional connection. Put yourself out there, in a way that suits you best – and don’t forget to address the elephant in the room. You don’t want the conversation to revolve around the current circumstances, but how your date reacts to this topic can also tell you a lot about their personality.

If there is one thing the quarantine has done, it is to make time for you to truly get to know somebody and make sure you’re compatible before taking it to the next level, even if it’s virtually.

#2 Seeing is Believing

There’s only so much you can tell about a person over a vanilla phone call, and if I were to choose, I’d always pick a video call – body language and eye contact are most telling of someone’s interest in their conversation with you. 

Let’s not forget why we’re here. When you make an effort (a nice blouse / shirt, hair well-groomed, and of course, the first smile they greet you with is something you will always remember), it shows that you were looking forward to that (virtual) date. If you’re awkward, start with a voice call but switch to a visual medium as soon as you can; it’ll be worth stepping out of your comfort zone for, I assure you.

#3 Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

We are all in this together, and your newly surfaced feelings of fear and anxiety are, no doubt, will be relatable. However, I would caution you against using your “date” as a sounding board to lament and pass on your worries to them. It’s important to identify empathy in a partner, but you don’t want to come across as clingy and negative, whilst having that first ever conversation with someone new.

Dating someone new in these times will not be easy, I won’t deny that. Technical glitches or awkward silences, shouldn’t make you lose your confidence. Keep your cool, laugh a little and stay patient. Meanwhile, try small tweaks in your approach – a heightened sense of patience, a renewed will to be open-minded, and maybe even a dose of honesty in terms who you are and what you’re seeking in a partner. But more than anything, it’ll require a genuine interest in taking the first step getting to know someone amazing, who could possibly be your happily ever after. Fun fact: This Sirf Coffee couple finally tied the knot, with a CoVid-friendly registered marriage, last week. 

Let’s make #LoveintheTimeofCorona a thing to remember, shall we?
Happy Dating!

Sunil Hiranandani

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