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A New Year, An all new Sirf Coffee

It’s been a while since I first thought about creating Sirf Coffee exactly six years ago. Since then we’ve been so busy catering to an overwhelming demand for our service, we haven’t really had an opportunity to reflect on ourselves as a firm, our scope, and where we go from here.

2013 was an extraordinary year for; I am pleased to report we managed to set up over 314 dates in over 15 cities for our clients! It was also the year we executed a a much needed overhaul of our platform created many moons ago. As technology, expectations, and the outlook of the Global Indian Professional has evolved, it was imperative Sirf Coffee reinvents itself to keep pace with these changes….

To mark the new year, I present you with an all-new website that features a host of interesting features; a blog (this is our first entry), a revamped member’s area, a seamless application form, all of which are fully optimized to work on smart phones and tablets. Less apparent is the dramatic revamp our our backend infrastructure – redesigned from scratch to not only support our growing ‘new client’ base in multiple geographies, but to also provide transparency and first class customer service to our existing clients.

Sirf Coffee is no-doubt a unique business model; an unprecedented venture that married (no pun intended) traditional ‘desi’ idioscryancies with modern expectations through a hands-on face to face approach. Personally, I think this is the way forward. As India and Indians all over the world continue to prosper, their outlook on relationships and marriage will continue to evolve. However, there is a certain intrinsic value in understanding the Indian pysche that cannot be captured by the algorithmic (read “user car buying”) approach match-making, and that exactly where Sirf Coffee adds value that no other firm does.

I didn’t mean for this blog entry to sound like a letter to shareholders, but I guess it has a little bit. Must be the banker in me 🙂 I assure you our future blogs will entertain you with interesting and humorous insights penned by our very own awesome staff – my thanks to them in advance.

Speaking of thanks, I did want to take a second to thank all our clients for their support thus far. Thank you for believing in our model, and thank-you for extending us the opportunity to help you.

I look forward to a match and marriage filled 2014, as should you.

Happy New Year!

Sunil Hiranandani
Founder and Executive Director

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