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50 First (Coffee) Dates

Matchmaking: Sounds fun? It sure is! Easy? Not really. Having worked in a global American bank for over five years, I experienced numerous stressful days, long work hours, deadlines to be met….And then I decided to take the plunge to join a niche but global dating service; I never imagined that it would keep me on my toes. Though it wasn’t an easy decision, it has been a good one so far!

Sirf Coffee came my way by chance. Though I had an idea of what I was in for, little that I know that it’s going to be this challenging. I went from one emotionally charged product – money, to even a higher emotionally charged product – “love”. And I guess that is what makes Sirf Coffee different: that it is so personalised, and yet so structured. We are real matchmakers setting up real people. Unlike our do-it-yourself app based counterparts, we don’t have any algorithms, just a good ol’ gut feeling supported by our client’s preferences.

Over the last six weeks or so, I’ve witnessed all kinds of situations, met all kinds of people and learnt so much from everyone else’s 50 first dates. From dynamic entrepreneurs in Singapore to professionals from Bangalore to Miami. I realize I need to bring my A-game to work every day, all day. Whilst a bank functions from 9 to 5, our clients’ personal lives start after 5 pm.
It’s been a different kind of work satisfaction, knowing that I’ve done my best to make it a great evening for two strangers. Couple that (no pun intended) with some awesome colleagues and kickass work-space, knowing that first cup of coffee (or cocktail) could be the start of yet another heart-warming love story makes it all worth it.

Rachna Pahuja joined Sirf Coffee in September 2019, as a Senior Client Services Manager

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