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What is Sirf Coffee?

Glad you asked.
Sirf coffee is a bespoke dating service

We have married (no pun intended) traditional values with modern expectations to deliver a refreshing and more relevant approach to meeting your better half. Focusing on quality rather than quantity, we curate the process for you: We get to know you on a personal level, arrange your dates over coffee / drinks, with a handpicked match based on your preferences.

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Sounds like a plan.
So how does it work?

Get started in 4 easy steps


Apply Now. A quick application will tell us a little bit about who you are, what makes you tick (and what doesn't). You can pick from three simple, transparent membership plans.


We will follow up with an interview in person or on Skype. This is our chance to get to know you (and us for you), what type of person you are looking for, and whether Sirf Coffee is right for you.


Your relationship manager will directly set you up on actual dates based on your preferences. We will coordinate your diary and ensure the venues are awesome. All you do is show up, (preferably looking good) with a positive attitude.

What happens next?

You tell us. You can go on your second date, get engaged in eight months, or simply move onto your next match. The feedback you give us will help us fine-tune the matchmaking process and streamline our choices for you.

Cool, I think I get it.
But what’s different about you?

Top Tier Eligibles

You’ll notice we ask you to ‘apply’, not sign up. Membership is extended to like-minded individuals that are carefully vetted by our team. Every client is interviewed either personally or over VC to establish a mutual fit.

Discretion is Standard

No browsing profiles, no swiping photos. Your personal details and picture are never shared with other clients because your first interaction with your match will be in person, not online.

No Parents, No Pundits

We only interact with our clients. In addition to having a great personality, most are well educated and accomplished, with a mature attitude and confident approach to life.

Long Term Outlook

This isn’t dating for kicks. Our clients have a long-term outlook of their next relationship; i.e. they are looking forward to settledown with the right person in the near future.

Global Footprint

Sirf Coffee members are all over the world. Summer holiday in London or business conference in Hong Kong? Just tell your relationship manager which evenings you’re free, and we’ll set you up with someone interesting.


Unlike conventional ‘matrimonial’ services , it’s Sirf (just) Coffee. The idea is to be yourself and get to know your date in a natural setting. You can exchange numbers if you like, date for years, get engaged next week, or simply move on to your next match.

Our global clients tell our story better than we do:

And if that's not enough . . .

I was ready for a long term relationship, but none of the existing avenues really suited me. For the right person, I wanted the opportunity to move forward, without the pressure to do so. I didn't just start Sirf Coffee, I was its first success story.

Sunil Hiranandani, Founder | Sirf Coffee

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